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Design faucent family for lifestyle bathrooms.

With alternating hot and cold water body treatment.

The whole performance is in the user's hand.

Urban lifestyle bathroom faucet with hybrid user interface.

The new luxury line that reinforces your well-being in your urban life.

The collection that brings vintage charm into modern bathrooms.

Create and configure your individual washplace solution with the Storia furniture system.

The architectural oriented and super flat touch-free flush plate for urinals will set a new standard in design and planning possibilities.

The new innovative and multifunctional towel dryer for more comfort and pleasure in your bathroom.

Minimal and timeless shower enclosure design for any application.

Fire experience on the level of smart assistance and individualization.

ISH Special Open ISH 2017

“Your smart water device”
A high-tech bathroom faucet with surprising convenience features.

In modern bathrooms the main requirements of the user are convenience and individuality. At the same time global trends such as sustainability and digitalization are growing influences. The concept faucet B01 for KWC meets these requirements by using smart technologies. A large glass display visualizes settings and functions and opens the door to a whole new world of supporting features. The temperature and duration of the water flow can be adjusted and personal preferences can be saved. Everyday rituals such as brushing teeth or shaving now use less water due to the intelligent programming.

Pretty smart:

New kind of user interaction with the innovative interface

Smart programs support a sustainable use of water

Simple touch-and-turn controls

Tip once – cold water

Tip twice – warm water

Tip three times – hot water

Pretty sleek:

Elegant curved glass display

Visualizes the natural flow of water

Pretty amazing:

Fascinating water outlet in a wide format stream

Enhances the exclusive look and the water experience

One Display.
One Button.
Lots of possibilities.

All menus and settings are easily and intuitively accessible by the touch-and-turn control button and can be adjusted to individual preferences.