The new flagship of the brand kwc

An iconic faucet-line, merging surprising simplicity, fascinating uniqueness and powerful innovations. KWC DAN boasts a surprisingly pure aesthetic style, paring down the archetypal faucet shape to a flat, circular disc. It is also based on a fascinatingly simple mechanism: the flow rate and water temperature can be operated and controlled intuitively and precisely using two small sliding devices integrated into the sides. Subtle light signals on the stainless steel disc indicate the various positions and functions. Every single detail is characterized by the utmost precision and perfection, like the movement of a Swiss watch – from the material (stainless steel) and the finish to the proportions, the workmanship and the mechanics

“KWC DAN is an iconic faucet-line that manages to merge the surprising simplicity, strong innovation and fascinating uniqueness.“

Reducing something to its absolute essence requires real skill – and KWC DAN does this with aplomb. With its minimalist aesthetic, this premium faucet is distinctly suited to modern bathroom designs – and provides an emphatic contrast in more sensual, homely interiors. Its pure, authentic original form combines class and classical style.

KWC DAN is both evolutionary and revolutionary. While it impressively demonstrates the evolution of the faucet into an intelligent piece of design, when viewed against the backdrop of the current world of faucets, it also signals a real revolution.




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