Cleanliness and convenience in a simple way

TECEone is a new generation of toilet, which maintains the established qualities of the known WC while also fulfilling the rising demand for more cleanliness and convenience. TECEone integrates a fresh water body-cleaning function in a way which the user is used to – with a simple tap. This is done with an equally functional and aesthetic design language with the cleanest of shapes. The spray wand is completely integrated into the rimless ceramic bowl and passes through it smoothly without hard to clean corners and gaps – and without the use of electronics. Simple and intuitive controls make the use universally simple: twistable knobs made from acrylic glass control the temperature and water pressure in the same way a thermostat tap does.

With its clear and simple functions and its precise and easily perceptible design TECEone is positioned in the price-sensitive middle of the market, which was hard to achieve for most shower toilets so far. TECEone purposely works without complex technology or control interfaces.




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