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Design faucent family for lifestyle bathrooms.

With alternating hot and cold water body treatment.

The whole performance is in the user's hand.

Urban lifestyle bathroom faucet with hybrid user interface.

The new luxury line that reinforces your well-being in your urban life.

The collection that brings vintage charm into modern bathrooms.

Create and configure your individual washplace solution with the Storia furniture system.

The architectural oriented and super flat touch-free flush plate for urinals will set a new standard in design and planning possibilities.

The new innovative and multifunctional towel dryer for more comfort and pleasure in your bathroom.

Minimal and timeless shower enclosure design for any application.

Fire experience on the level of smart assistance and individualization.

ISH Special Open ISH 2017

Roca In-Wash® TV Spot in Spain

Why don’t we wash it all with water?

Our client Roca presents In-Wash® on TV, a shower toilet designed by NOA to ensure highest persona hygiene standards. Take a look at the spanish advert and the english transcript below.

“Your hands, water. Your face, water. Your body, water. Your dishes, water. Your clothes, water. Water water water water. Your car, your street, your city – everything water. If we wash everything with water – why don’t we wash it all with water?”

In-Wash® shower toilet

Integrated smart toilet that makes daily hygiene easy and natural while adapting to all bathrooms harmoniously. The design of these toilets blends effortlessly with all kinds of bathrooms thanks to their elegant and subtle lines. A simple and logical interface makes the shower toilet easy to use for everybody.


Adjustable washing position, pressure and temperature of water • Drying function • User detection system • Self-cleaning nozzle • Soft-close seat and cover • Remote control • Rimless flushing technology