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Design faucent family for lifestyle bathrooms.

With alternating hot and cold water body treatment.

The whole performance is in the user's hand.

Urban lifestyle bathroom faucet with hybrid user interface.

The new luxury line that reinforces your well-being in your urban life.

The collection that brings vintage charm into modern bathrooms.

Create and configure your individual washplace solution with the Storia furniture system.

The architectural oriented and super flat touch-free flush plate for urinals will set a new standard in design and planning possibilities.

The new innovative and multifunctional towel dryer for more comfort and pleasure in your bathroom.

Minimal and timeless shower enclosure design for any application.

Fire experience on the level of smart assistance and individualization.

ISH Special Open ISH 2017


Maximum Technology.
Maximum Aesthetics.

Sometimes we do it because we can. These are some real show car products (not just studies) for our clients which explore the limits to which their technology can be used for the most fascinating user experience.

Hoesch Waterlounge

A Paradise of Transparent Glass


It looks a bit surreal but is indeed a real product which we developed together with Hoesch. Rectangular glass bathtub including lounge chair and whirl functions. The Hoesch Waterlounge bathtub has its own interpretation of bathing and living. It breaks down borders, traditions and conventions. The user can let the light, water and delicate air massage regenerate his body and soul. The combination of aesthetic and functional values creates a space for new visions and imaginations.

“Immerse yourself in a fascinating wellness experience“

Philips Lumiblade Glow

Soft Forms and Dancing Lights for High-Design Spaces


Contemporary light object, based on OLED technology, including touch response sensors.

The Lumiblade Glow is a new type of pure, clean, contemporary candle light, based on OLED technology for design lounges, restaurants and homes of the 21st century. The form of this light object is a pliant, translucent object with soft curving and polished lines, which resemble the stones found on a riverside.

The embedded OLED is driven by integrated sensors, which react to an approaching user initiating a pulse of light that gradually fades.

Pilot application of OLED technology within a first marketing concept for contemporary interaction lighting objects by Philips.

Spartherm Arte G

The Haute Couture Fire Place


Arte G was the result of an effective realization of a NOA concept by Spartherm, which created a completely new image for fire places market in Europe. A high-tech fireplace solution with a highly fascinating image and a 360° fire view. Also one of those products which look just like a visionary idea – but was realised as a product.

The concept includes a 360° fire view, achieved through a glass ceramic cupola and a innovative exhaust solution which directs the fumes to the base of the fireplace.

This solution was achieved by close cooperation between designers, manufacturers and material suppliers.